About Us 关于爱龄

About US

AME was founded by Ms Amy Chua, a retired librarian, at the age of 68.  She has seen too many seniors living and feeling lost after their retirement that prompted her to establish AME.  With the greying population on the rise, she thought she could do something to revitalise the lives of seniors and encourage them to lead a better life – a life of choice, complete with happiness, passion and fulfilment! At AME, we share her philosophy and experience in promoting graceful and active ageing coupled with the prospect of starting a second career.

Our Vision

AME will become a household name as a lifelong learning institution for seniors in Singapore.

Our Missions :

  • To promote a learning and sharing culture within the community
  • To provide an enjoyable and relaxing environment for learning
  • To help seniors revitalise life through image building and regaining of self-confidence, with the support of a community.
  • To encourage seniors venture into new terrain, build new interests and develop their talents into full potential
  • To promote a second career for financial independence
  • To encourage seniors contribute back to the society

Our Core Values :

  • Respect – We accept, love and respect everyone for who they are
  • Service – We provide a student-centric environment for learning
  • Collaboration – We collaborate with strategic business partners to provide quality courses for our students

Our strategies:

  • To build a strong and closely knit community
  • To groom leaders for students’ initiatives
  • To engage speakers or professionals from various industries to offer courses or talks that will enrich the lives of our students
  • To make our courses affordable
  • To train our graduates with specific work experience to become trainers or speakers
  • To build and provide platforms for our students and alumni to reinforce their learning
  • To be in the forefront of the industry

Our Achievements :

  • AME gained the support of MCYS and C3A (Council for Third Age) after 6 months into operation.
  • AME students are well sought after by various organisations, such as The Golden Age of Channel 8, Mediacorp, the Production House and many talent schools.  There are no short of performing opportunities.
  • AME was featured on documentary, Tuesday Premier of Channel 8, Mediacorp, Straits Times, as well as other media.
  • There were 2 editions of school magazines, a compilation of students’ work published over 3 years
  • AME was appointed by C3A to host the first Super Senior Model contest in 2009.
  • AME organised the Talent Search Contest in 2010 and co-host the Silver-Age Talent Time Contest in 2011


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